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Ajio Integration

steps to create a seller account: Step 1: Go to Reliance retail supplier registration page. Click on the ‘New Supplier Registartion’ button on the menu bar. You will be directed to an application form.

Documents Required for AJIO Seller Registration

1.PAN Card

2.Aadhar Card

3.GST Details

4.Current Account Details + Cancelled Cheque

5.MSME Certificate (Optional)

6.Logo if any

7.Trademark Certificate (Alternative stated below)

8.CIN & TAN certificate in case your company is a private entity

Step 2:Register yourself on Reliance portal as a supplier.

Step 3: Fill up the remaining details as required which includes your registered office address. .

Step 4: Provide documents: Pan card, aadhar card, GST details, current account details, cancelled cheque.

Step 5: Select your product categories.

Step 6: You will receive an OTP on your mobile, upon submitting the form. After submission of which, your application process is complete. You will be provided with a request code number.

Step 7: Brace yourself to wait for a few weeks to get feedback on your application.

Step 8: You can check the status of your application anytime by visiting the same portal and submitting your request code and pan card number.

Step 9:You will receive an approval email if your application is approved.

Step 10:You will also receive details of your payment terms.