eSyncher is a multi-channel software automatically pulls in orders from all your online stores in one place, and helps reducing human errors & saves costs. Due to digitalization everyone is moving towards online selling and the obvious choice is to move towards multiple selling channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc We also Provide integration with QuickBooks Online for accounting purpose from all these selling channels. Our aim is to help SMEs to automate their multi-channel selling of products at one place so that they can concentrate on business more rather than manually putting the data.

Why need eSyncher

Everyone is going online to expand and they are not limited to only one selling channel. Infact, it is better to sell on different channels so that their sales increases. However, this comes with some drawbacks as follows:

  • Login to multiple selling channels separately.
  • Create list of products in each store individually.
  • Manage the stock on each of the online stores.
  • Order Management separately.
  • Difficult to identify which selling channel is working for them.
  • Unable to get consolidated view of all your stores.

Here eSyncher comes and help seller to do everything at one place without doing so much manual work, avoid human error and increases sales.


Work 1
Multi-channel Order Management
Catalog and Inventory Management
BI & Analytics Reports
Work 4
Sales Report
QuickBooks Online Integration

Here are the list of Selling channels or online stores we sync

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